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‘Femme Fatale’ by Myojin Makino for KOCK

Japanese stylist Yoshiki born in March of 1984 in Nara Japan. He graduated from a college of fashion and then worked as an assistant. In 2013, he started his career as a stylist. Here is the ‘Femme Fatale’ series of works he collaborates with photographer Myojin Makino. Photographer:MYOJIN MAKINO Stylist:YOSHIKI Hair:HIROKO […]


‘Breath’ by Roberta Imbrò for KOCK

Milan based italian photographer Roberta Imbrò has completed this series of work ‘Breath’ with her friend in unprepared situation, and it turns out in great result with beautiful light and atmosphere. “The shots were made without great preparation, as another one afternoon with my friend and muse. She […]