Shary Montagnana by Luca Filippini

In a hot and humid morning in early summer, on the banks of the Po, the longest river in Italy. The dry ground looks like desert, with the strong contrast between light and shadow, Luca Filippini presents us the gorgeous Shary Montagnana. Photography: Luca Filippini / http://lucafilippini.tumblr.com https://www.facebook.com/lucafilippiniphotography Model: Shary Montagnana / https://www.facebook.com/sharymontagnana 初夏一個炎熱而且潮溼的早晨,在義大利最長的波河河岸,乾燥的地面看起來像沙漠一般,光影之間的強烈反差之中,攝影師 Luca Filippini 將模特兒 Shary Montagnana […]


‘Dark Reflection’ by Omar Capelli for KOCK

The model Mirtel Bloom wants to be explore her feminine soul, photographer Omar Capelli creates the reflection with the iridescent fabrics want to symbolize the shades of a soul fascinating and elusively for you. Omar Capelli: http://www.omarcapelli.com/ 美麗的義大利模特兒 Mirtel Bloom 希望探索自己的靈魂,攝影師 Omar Capelli 利用光滑的絲緞產生獨特的光影來象徵靈魂的迷人色彩以及讓人難以捉摸的獨特性。

Helvetica-tokyo / Dress

‘Femme Fatale’ by Myojin Makino for KOCK

Japanese stylist Yoshiki born in March of 1984 in Nara Japan. He graduated from a college of fashion and then worked as an assistant. In 2013, he started his career as a stylist. Here is the ‘Femme Fatale’ series of works he collaborates with photographer Myojin Makino. Photographer:MYOJIN MAKINO Stylist:YOSHIKI Hair:HIROKO […]


‘Breath’ by Roberta Imbrò for KOCK

Milan based italian photographer Roberta Imbrò has completed this series of work ‘Breath’ with her friend in unprepared situation, and it turns out in great result with beautiful light and atmosphere. “The shots were made without great preparation, as another one afternoon with my friend and muse. She […]