‘Beauty and Inner Demons’ by Salte Veneno

  Luis Cabrera (aka Salte Veneno), is a Venezuelan photographer. He believes in beauty and  inner demons. In his philosophy of life, fatality and death are female names, that’s why women are beautiful and dangerous at the same time, and we can’t stop loving them. Website: 委內瑞拉攝影師 Luis Cabrera(又名 Salte Veneno),他相信美麗與心魔是同時並存的。在他的人生哲學中,女人就像是傳染病與死亡,那也是他認為女性是美麗但同時也極度危險,讓人無法停止愛戀。


‘Fashionizm’ by Marusia Makhmutova

Marusia Makhmutova is a Russian fashion photographer based in Chelyabinsk. The initial idea of this shooting was inspired by Marilyn Monroe. During the trying on before the shooting, She decided to choose white dress and just couldn’t give the go-by to the black leather boots with the metal insets. So the […]


‘Ukraine’ by Demonrat

Italian photographer send us this set of ‘Ukraine’ editorial that inspired by the Ukraine war now. “When all of us just thought that a new conflict between Russia and USA would never happen, differently the plot of the famous video game called Battlefield, now we have to focus on […]


‘Stories’ by Sane Ciullo

Sane is a freelance photographer and digital artist based in Rome, Italy. The passion for portraits, journalist reportages and photo manipulation, becomes one of the most important objectives for his artistic jobs. Sane Ciullo’s photographic journey began at his fifteen photographing bands of metal and post-hardcore scene. Fascinated by […]